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Definitely it is Japanese territory.

China, by herself, had declared "Senkaku islands is Japanese territory" in their paper http://bit.ly/9WjXxA, and the islands were returned with Okinawa from United States.

Definitely it is Japanese territory.


ERIA issued Research Project No.6 about ODR and cross border complaint handling.

ERIA research group issued Research Project No.6, titled "Establishment on a Secure and Safe E-Commerce Marketplace", with several participants from ASEAN and East Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Philippines and Japan. 
 The research contains "Current Status of E-commerce Market and Legal Systems in Each Country", and mainly 
"Demonstration Experiment of ICA-Net", 
ICA-Net is a pilot project for Online Consumer Redress.
Also discussed about  
(1)Exchange of Opinions with EU
(2)Outline of Demonstration Experiment and Case Example
(3) Expansion of e-Commerce Market in ASEAN and East Asia
(4) Challenges to Enhance Cross-border e-Commerce
(5) Policy Recommendation
(6) Toward a Realization of the ICA-Net

Japan's M-V rocket, "HAYABUSA", returned from 7 years journey with samples

On June 13, Japan's rocket, "HAYABUSA" returned.

 Japanese planetary exploration spacecraft "HAYABUSA" came back to home, landing Australian desert at June 13th around 23:00, after 7 years journey to small planet "ITOKAWA" distant 300,000,000km from the earth.

While the journey, HAYABUSA encountered several troubles, but engineers overcame them with their great effort and predicted recover system.  

We are expecting Capsule gathered dust and sand on the planet. We may be able to know some situation at the beginning of the Solar System.

This is the 1st time that a rocket reached, landing and came back from a planet which is more far than the moon.

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