"Annoucement of the 2009 International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution

We are very pleased to announce that the 2009 International ODR Forum will be held in Haifa, Isreal on June 3-4, 2009. The Forum will be held in conjunction with the University of Haifa Law School and the Law School's Center for Law and Technology. This Forum follows previous international forums in Geneva, Melbourne, Cairo, Liverpool, Hong Kong and Victoria. If you have an interest in participating in the Forum or if you have any questions about it, please contact Orna Rabinovich-Einy. A call for papers and further details about the meeting will be posted shortly on ODR.info."

次回、2009年の第8回ODR Forumは、6月3日?4日、イスラエルのハイテク都市の一つ、ハイファで開催されることが決まったようだ。主催協賛は、ファイファロースクールと法律テクノロジーロースクールセンタ?。

Vide conference system which our company have is developed in Israel. I wonder we could do something for it with them.


Accidently, someone who belonged in VCON, called me last night, though I did not talked with. What happened with him? Or Is it related?