In the middile of big political change in Japan, the consumer ministry as the first ministry on the side of consumers among other ministries rather for the side of industries launched on 1st September.

Consumer Affairs Agency (

Only 200 staffs were attended. It's said rather small organization for japanese population. Originally the ministry has been preparing to start in October until The prime minister ASOH announced it should start at September.
"Consumer hot-line" receives complaints from consumer in nation, it would be transferred automatically to its regional consumer center. All prefectures could launches each center on November, while five leading prefectures already accepted those complaints on September.

Consumer committee who audits the ministry also organized with Professor, consumer center, business, lawyer, to demand reporting or adjuration to the prime minister directly.

The next cabinet, Minshu party, expresses objections to several points, such as the first minister from a government bureaucrat, rather higher cost for a building etc.. However, do not forget related laws were agreed with unanimous passage.
The consumer hot-line already accepted over 600 complaints in four days from its start.