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The 10th GBDe Summit will be held in San Francisco, 31/Oct.

The 10th GBDe summit will be held in San francisco, 31/Oct. I am going to attend the conference as a senior researcher of EC Network to support a responsible person for international issue, to report and promote "The community style platform for CALO" in the conference. CALO is (Consumer Advisory Liaison Offices), which is designated/assigned at least one in each country to receive complaint from consumer and communicate with other CALOs to solve international dispute between consumer and business.

Ms. Tonomura of EC Network said,
"The system was approved as Pilot project in APEC, GBDe/CCIG(Consumer Confidence Issue Group) exchanged opinions with Mexico and several Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore decided to join the pilot project, Thai and Vietnam intend to join as observers",
in the Official blog (In Japanese)by EC Network

The system would be started as a trial basis at Jan/2009, depend on the result, be considered to expand to other region.

Additional information could be disclosed at The EC NEtwork Site soon.

ODR Forum 2008 reporting meeting

Japan Association of Arbitrators held its Sept. research section meeting and I had reported regarding ODR Forum 2008 in CANADA.
Many members attended as I expected, some of them gave comments that they expect ODR, on the other hand other asked it could be effective actually.

I wonder whether Japanese arbitrators agree or disagree, concerning or no concern?

日本仲裁人協会の研究部会にて、6月に開催された国連ODR Forumの出席報告を行いました。残念ながら、協会会員限定ですが。


ODR Forum 2009, in Israel

"Annoucement of the 2009 International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution

We are very pleased to announce that the 2009 International ODR Forum will be held in Haifa, Isreal on June 3-4, 2009. The Forum will be held in conjunction with the University of Haifa Law School and the Law School's Center for Law and Technology. This Forum follows previous international forums in Geneva, Melbourne, Cairo, Liverpool, Hong Kong and Victoria. If you have an interest in participating in the Forum or if you have any questions about it, please contact Orna Rabinovich-Einy. A call for papers and further details about the meeting will be posted shortly on ODR.info."

次回、2009年の第8回ODR Forumは、6月3日?4日、イスラエルのハイテク都市の一つ、ハイファで開催されることが決まったようだ。主催協賛は、ファイファロースクールと法律テクノロジーロースクールセンタ?。

Vide conference system which our company have is developed in Israel. I wonder we could do something for it with them.


Accidently, someone who belonged in VCON, called me last night, though I did not talked with. What happened with him? Or Is it related?


Japanese Consumer citizen ship will?

International Consumer Governance Symposium was held at Mita kyouyou cenference place in Tokyo, Japan.

The prime minister Fukuda appeared to thank everyone and probably as one of his final appearance after he declared to resign his position.

[The prime Minister Fukuda appeared in the conference.]

The theme is that "Preparing established Consumer ministry, We, as experts for consumer governance in all around the world, discuss about governance for consumer, how we should be, how we reduce risks in globalized society. "

Agenda is as follows: with Japanese - English simultaneous translation.
Keynote: Mr. Samuel Ochieng Chairman of CI
Speech: [ The consumer in global society]
by Andreas Bocker, Professor, Guelph University
Iain Ramsay, Professor, Kent University
Victoria Thoresen, CEO, Consumer citizen ship, Norway
Masamichi Sakagami, Professor, Tamagawa university

Panel Discussion: [Consumer governance in Global society]
Tsuneo Matsumoto, Professor, Hitotsubashi University
Samuel Ochieng, Chairman, CI
Anja Peltonen, Vice Ombudsman, Finland
Paku Myonhi, Chair, Korean consumer office
Mozel W Tompson, Former FTC, US
Minoru Ineoka, Managing Director, Seven & I holdings

It was really interesting point of view by Mr. Bocker which was, so to speak, named Consumer paradox, as follows:

/Mass Media are not trusted but they are red.
/Government is little trusted but quickly called for.
/Trust in institutions is less important for GMO acceptance than friends and family's opinion.
/Industry is trusted least but their brands enjoy loyalty and trust.

In the panel discussion, One contended protecting consumer by consumer side, another talked that consumer has power and they should behave as one of consumer citizen with constructive opinion, but not only criticize. Those were really contradistinctive, but suggestive.

Why we need to establish the consumer ministry?
The triggers were serial incidents that related "food" and trust last year, such as date camouflage. I feel the media reported that the consumer ministry is expected as "rescue" ministry for protecting weak consumers. A Consumer governance begun in 1960 with the declaration for consumer by J.F. kennedy. It said the right including 1)Requiring Safe 2)Being informed 3)To choose what one wants to choose 4)Being heard one's opinion. All is "the right", and it's proactive.

Speakers from abroad talked about "Citizen Ship" which we need the time rather longer than Western country, since we, in Japan, never experienced citizen's revolution.

It must be conflicted and contradict Industry governance and Consumer governance. The consumer was weak party as for information rather than the industry in broadcast marketing era. The consumer has more power after changing to get information in internet era., so that they can participate to shape the opinion. Those powerful consumer citizens have to restraint to misuse it unnecessarily for continuing society where Industry could provide good and reasonable products and services .
In globalized society, consumer should behave as one of stakeholder constructively as well as protecting right is also important. We have to know and realize ethics of consumer citizen ship. Talking with government, and education become also important.

ODR should be discussed in this context.
Industry and Consumer, both are party in Dispute resolution. One intends to sell higher with low cost, the other hope to buy inexpensive things. The structure expects DR whether we expect or not. ADR/ODR must be useful for continuing expecting society.


”ボーダーレス経済の発展により、消費者問題も国際化・複雑化しています。 消費者庁(仮称)の創設を進めているこの機に、世界各国の消費者政策の専門家が一堂に会し、 グローバル社会によって生み出されるリスクを軽減していくための今後の消費者行政のあり方を検討します。”

【プログラム】 ※日英同時通訳付

基調講演 Samuel Ochieng, 国際消費者機構(CI)会長
講演   「グローバル社会における消費者」
      Andreas Bocker カナダ・ゲルフ大学准教授
       Iain Ramsay イギリス・ケント大学教授
       Victoria Thoresen コンシューマー・シティズンシップ・ネットワーク代表
      坂上雅道 玉川大学教授

パネルディスカッション 「グローバル社会における消費者行政」
       松本恒雄 一橋大学法科大学院教授(コーディネーター)
       Samuel Ochieng 国際消費者機構(CI)会長
       Anja Peltonen フィンランド消費者副オンブズマン
      パク・ミョンヒ 韓国消費者院 院長
      モゼル・W・トンプソン 元米国連邦取引委員会委員
      稲岡 稔   セブン&アイホールディングス 常務執行役員






グローバル社会においては、保護も重要であるが、消費者は「単にクレーマーではない 建設的に意見して、社会貢献も意識したステイクホルダー」としての市民であるべきではないか。そのために、国際倫理を意識し、政府と積極的に会話することも重要な役割であるし、政府は、これまでと同様、透明性と説明責任を果たしていくと同時に、消費者教育が重要となってくる。


ODR Cyberweek 2008 October 13 - 17

The annual "Cyber week" will be held though there is no information site. You could register here to receive more information.


A following is quoted from odr.info.

ODR Cyberweek 2008 – October 13 – 17

The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution proudly announces our 11th ODR Cyberweek. We invite you to REGISTER free to receive Cyberweek specific announcements and news.

Early Content Includes: Internet Bar Organization Webcasts and Seminars; Plenary Discussions led by National Center Fellows; SmartSettle.com Law School eNegotiation Competition; Juripax Demonstration; National Center's Storm2 Branistorming Demonstration; ODR Course Development Wiki, and ODR in Latin America

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