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Online murder case

http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20081023-00000003-jct-soci (JAPANESE article)

A lady, who was divorced by her husband, murdered him by "removing".
She was arrested, but her crime was NOT the murder. Why?

The lady was arrested with "unauthorized computer access law" since she remove her virtual husband without authorization in Online Role playing game, "Maple story", in which she and the man were enjoying.

They've got married in the game to grow up own character by helping each other, and the man gave his ID to her to make her to play instead of him. She has been supporting his character to grow up, but suddenly he divorced her one-sidedly.
She got angry with it and remove his character in the game with his ID which was already she knew.

Nexon Japan, game provider, answered "Marriage or divorce is a matter between players, it could be solved if they can communicate ordinary", confusingly.

"Online RPG is virtual, however daily conversations via real-time chat makes people to confuse real and virtual. Increasing players, increasing such case, I guess" said journalist who knows well about RPG.

ERIA(Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia) to encourage reliable e-commerce.

This entry is quoted from HERE and translated.

Japanese leading ADR/ODR Provider EC Network was assigned as authorized supporting research institute for

"ERIA Research Project Working Group
~Establishment of a secure and safe e-commerce marketplace~",

which was organized in ERIA project(see the title) to seek the way to encourage safe e-commerce in East Asia and ASEAN. The workshop for the WG will be held December in Tokyo, February in Singapore with attending Researchers, Lawyers, and practitioners from several asian counties.

At the 1st WG meeting, Each country would report each status. Japan will present some good practices with related law, market situations, trust structure, international affairs, and dispute case studies.

Especially, ICA-Net,certified as a pilot project in APEC and Asian countries(Malaysia, Singapore, Thai, vietnam and Taipei as observer) declared to join, will be appeared with a demonstration in final day.

If USA could join ICA-Net, that will make Asia and Pacific network like ATA for Trust Mark alliance.

Aggressive and Proactive discussions (:p) are expected in WG for cultivating trustworthy market, such as "The key For Success of this project depends on "open book" communication based good dinner", so that the plan is put ahead to the day before the meeting. (Ms. tonomura said "I totally agreed with the idea", in charge of international affairs, at EC Network)

Japanese Citizen judge system 2

"Homu" is coming Home.

"Homu" is pronounce in Japanese, which means "Legal matter". Legal matter come to home soon. Yes, it's the Citizen Judge system.

While I was enjoying a dinner at home in summer short vacation, Mother, who said She never relate to any legal matter because it's difficult, murmured suddenly "I don't want to be a citizen judge, since I might be blamed by judging someone in a court", Father and I looked at each other by surprise.


Citizen Judge system will commence soon.
Listing candidates are already started.

Monday morning, A Guy, living next door, talked to me suddenly with his first voice for me, "I heard that listing up are started", although he just nodded and smiled for my greeting sometimes in another morning.

It will be enforced at 21th/May/2009, A trial with citizen judge
will commence from the end of July 2009.

My friend, who is the most far from legal matter, called on me "How I should do, if I was chosen as Citizen Judge?"

28,000 people will be on the list and one of 310 people will be
chosen as Citizen Judge in Tokyo, 1840 will be on the list and
one of 362 will be chosen in Fukushima.

It's very natural My friend, Mother and guy next door, sales lady in a shop, my colleague and partner company, can't help imaging possibility to be chosen.

Government said Citizen judge system is aimed to increase understanding for legal affairs by attending judge system.

Indeed, it is really succeeded those people such as mother and friends had payed attention for legal matters, however, I think we should consider why their concerning are "it makes me bother" or "do not want to attend"?

The 7th ATA Annual Meeting in Taipei

The 7th ATA Annual Meeting was held in Taipei, 2nd/Oct to 3rd/Oct.


There attended Taiwan as Host, US, Japan as Stable Members, Vietnam as a new member, Malaysia, Thai as Observers, China as Special guest and was approved as a new observer in the meeting. Unfortunately Singapore, Korea and Mexico were absent.


As Very strong supporter, GBDe also joined the meeting. They agreed ATA as cross seat member. APEC also supports ATA and join the discussion. Especially, GBDe presented ICA-Net to improve international dispute solution with a new system, Community style platform for loose communication. It was explained in a previous entry in this blog, please check it again.


I attended as a respresentative for TradeSafe Corp to report a current status and make some discussion.


I think Asia and Pacific countries are really interested in e-commerce and also warry about Privacy. The role of ATA will become more important. Japan is now a role of vice chair, preparing for Chair country in Next year. JIPDEC and ECOM were also attending as observer, expected to be a important role for that meaning.

Next meeting would be planned for a ceremony to welcome Thai as a new member.

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