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No medicine on the net?

This article is quoted from here and there, and translated.

EC Network, a Japanese leading ADR/ODR provider, reported that "you may be not able to purchase some medicines on EC site and if you disagree with it, you should join signature-collecting campaign by Rakuten(large shopping mall) who is a member of EC Network.", in their official blog.

Here is a detail explanation and complaint (in Japanese) by KENKO.COM who is also a member of EC Network.

A new idea to change the pharmacy law including "Only 3rd category medicines such as vitamins and an anti-flatulent can be sold thru EC site,but prohibit to sell 2nd category medicines such as a acesodyne, a cold medicines and pregnancy test" which is allowed to sell thru EC site right now, is now disclosed for receiving general comments from public people.

Ms. Sawada, an executive of EC network, said "I personally disagree with this tightening of regulation since reasons are not clear, and it is enough possible thru the net to provide needed information and communicate in two-way ".

The 10th GBDe summit was held in San francisco, 31/Oct.

The 10th GBDe summit was held in San francisco, 31/Oct. I have attended the conference as a senior researcher of EC Network to support a responsible person for international issue, to report and promote an ODR challenge "The community style platform for CALO" in the conference. CALO is (Consumer Advisory Liaison Offices), which is designated/assigned at least one in each country to receive complaint from consumer and communicate with other CALOs to solve international dispute on online between consumer and business.

Ms. Tonomura of EC Network said,
"The system was approved as Pilot project in APEC, GBDe/CCIG(Consumer Confidence Issue Group) exchanged opinions with Mexico and several Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore decided to join the pilot project, Thai and Vietnam intend to join as observers",
in the Official blog (In Japanese)by EC Network

The system would be started as a trial basis at Jan/2009, depend on the result, be considered to expand to other region.

Additional information could be disclosed at The EC NEtwork Site.

The amendment of "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" law in Japan.

On Nov. 11th, the explanatory meeting for the amendment of "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions law" was held in lecture hall of the joint government building, Saitama city. The meeting was coordinated by EC Network, entrusted by Ministry of Economy.

163 Attendants including Mail-order businesses, Multilevel marketing businesses and financials, manufacturers, Broadcastings, transporters and so on, joined together.

Especially, "the specified email law" will make an impact on several internet businesses, since those email marketing businesses need to be approved to send emails to their prospective consumers with opt-in methods. Also they have to keep each approved record for evidence.

This big change of law purposes to suppress spam mails and related crime, to make e-commerce more safe, will expect to encourage e-commerce market with joining people who did not order from internet merchants.

The Japanese Supreme court promotes on TV for Citizen judge system

The Supreme court in Japan started to broadcast an advertisement on TV(pls note the article is in Japanese only) for promoting the citizen Judge System, which will commence May 2009, from 10th/Nov. to 7th / Dec.. The Ad., in 15 seconds, is performed by actor, Mr. Morio Kazama and actress, Ms. Yuko Kotegawa, as a married couple. The Ad. will be broadcasted 10 times per day, also 20 seconds version will be broadcasted in another radio.

The supreme court spends 4.34 million USD for the ad. campaign on TV and radio, and of course it is the first time advertising on TV in their history.

The movie can be seen on this site.

Citizen judge Bra?


Frankly, I am wondering whether I should introduce or not here.

To encourage intentions to The Japanese citizen judge system, The TRIUMPH, who is a manufacturer of inner ware for ladies, announced they developed "The Citizen judge Bra" . They were inspired from "goddess of justice" which is symbolized with fairness and equality.

The bra cup was inspired from the scales, and the bra can be used as scale as well.
A skirt which is bundled with is made from a same silk with real judge wares.

This is not sold actually in the market fortunately or unfortunately.

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