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ERIA WG meeting in TOKYO

ERIA Research Project Working Group
~Establishment of a secure and safe e-commerce marketplace~ which was announced in this entry
was held in Tokyo during 18th to 19th/Dec. at NEC Head Quarter Building.

Ms. Tonomura, in charge of international matter of EC Network, reported in their official blog, "Representatives from 5 countries including observers appeared to report about their own situations. I learned differences among those countries such as expanding rate of broadband, numbers of internet users in discussions. That was really interesting.".

Japan initiated this meeting inviting from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand as member, Taiwan joined as observer, United States were invited as guest speaker. A Japanese member, NEC, from GBDe joined and contributed a conference room to use.

I also presented how the system for ICA-Net work with following discussions.

Several important points were discussed for the 2nd meeting that is planned to be held in Singapore at the end of February in 2009.

Autumn leaf


The maple leaf covering old bamboo fence turned red.
Carpet will turn red next week.
The view what I feel I am in Japan.

Citizen judge candidates are acknowledged

On 28th Nov., according to YOMIURI NEWS PAPER, an acknowledgement letters were forwarded to candidates and arrived, but someone disclosed it on their blogs although it is prohibited.

People who received the acknowledgement of citizen judge candidate disclose in their Blogs how they feel or the view of envelop, even someone shows their photo and name.

It is prohibited to disclose with a way by which you can be presumed who you are, although there is no penalty. Because it is aim to prevent to be corrupted or to be blackmailed.

By the way, in a result of enquete by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, over 60% of Small and middle size Enterprises did not prepare for the citizen judge system. Major 100 companies already decided to prepare with paid holiday.

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