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Avoiding suicide by watching online


The japanese police reported they avoided 95 persons to suicide by watching predictions on internet cooperating with providers, 23 persons more than last year.

The police rush into house or gathering place by reporting from watching voluntarily and avoided to suicide for 196 people. However, 7 were dead while 3 were alive among 10 have suicided themselves actually. 

This occasion reminds me that some report said Japanese lowest crime rate is depend on "KOBAN" (Police box)system. In japan, there are a lot of KOBAN on the street and policemen stay there. They sometimes go out to check his city and will act if trouble happens. In a real world, if depressed person stands by a river side, the patrolling police man will ask him or her for any problem. That had saved a life frequently.

Watching over on internet to find someone murmuring will avoid to suicide.
I believe this will work as well, since people want to talk someone or be talked by someone.

I will add the patrolling on the net is one of ODR system.

Medicine crisis?


As this entry alarmed, the pharmacy law is officially announced to be executed at 1st, June,2009, although many of sellers expressed strong objections.

The new pharmacy law includes "Only 3rd category medicines such as vitamins and an anti-flatulent can be sold thru EC site,but prohibit to sell 2nd category medicines such as a acesodyne, a cold medicines and pregnancy test" which is allowed to sell thru EC site right now.

Over 70% of medicines those which currently sold, could not be sold thru the net.

Rakuten(large shopping mall), Yahoo and many other entities issued a joint communique to asking continuously selling those medicines for consumers. Mr. Yoichi Masuzoe, the minister of Health and welfare expressed to hold another meeting to discuss the issues.

A Telephone scammer was arrested, by Mother's good job.

http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20090211-OYT1T00441.htm(Japanese text only)

Japanese newspaper, The yomiuri, reported as above, that the police had arrested three suspected scammers.

The suspects seems they succeeded to cheat 3 million yen from 77 years old lady by pretending her son. They also tried to cheat another 3 millions yen from another lady by pretending her son who assumed to fail business. However, The lady already got scammer's call over 20 times and she intends to capture next time. She smartly told a fake name, "kenji". The scammer told her "Oh yes, I am Kenji" and she reported to the police. The scammers were arrested when they visited her home to receive moneys.

Scammers and police makes Vicious circle.
Some of news reported, number of victims are decreasing and rural police commented they intend to avoid any more telephone scammers. Citizens also learned not to be another victim. But scammers find another tricks.

The above news reported a new type. They called over the phone as well. But the villain sneak into a house after a victim goes out to meet his/her pretending son.

It should be named "telephone burglar".

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