Radio personality strongly recommended upcoming movie "Milage, mylife" featured George Clooney, who is well known as "Danny Ocean" in "Oceans13", is one of my favorite actor. Clooney plays a role of corporate downsizing expert "Notice of fired" on behalf of the company itself.


In Japan, JAL-Japan Airline, filed "corporate reorganization act" to seek bankruptcy protection. A stock of JAL were 37JPY at 12th Jan, and finally the rate is now 3JPY after 7 hundred million "Sell" stocks are rested. They are seeking to downsize their stock 100%, this means all existing stocks will become into papers.

How about Milage?

JAL already issued 300 Million Dollars to 400 Million Dollars milages. A milage is just a gift and it is not safe legally when stocks become zero value. What? I have to exchange them to other coupons of goods....Oh? the coupons cold be spent only in partner's place. 

Some examples in the past, "If they are seeking to reorganize, Milage would be important to keep clients", means it may be safe?

This Blog said(, JAL books those "milage" as cost and debt when it's issued.This means they could more profitable if they could clear those debt.

However, of course they know they will loose their client not only for now, but also in the future.

JAL terms and conditions for Milage(

Personally, I have over 100,000 miles. Anyway I have to check my milages every morning.

Milage is now in my life.
Refer from ECNetwork' blog