I am a kind of groupie for up-to-date products in nature. I usually bought every new coming product in super market though I found it was awful sometimes. 
One day, A news came up, which said "Macbook pretends Antique?"
The product is just a PC case for Macbook. But it looks like an antique, leather book.
(By the way, my PC case is ....)

 PC case

PC case
is made with a clear zipper case which I bought at 100yen shop with decorating "English News Paper". Of course there is no absorber, so definitely PC will be broken when putting down. Do I have to buy a new PC case???
I tried to retrieve whether I could get it in Japan and found that it seems to be imported but nearest shipment will be a middle of March.  I do not want to wait. Then I ordered it by myself directly via the site in US.

I already post a lot about "Cross border e-commerce" in blogs but it is the 1st ordering personally. Also it is not on eBay, it is private e-commerce site.
Of course I am anxious about....

Do they send cross border?
The site describes in English. Description about products, Shopping cart, click "BUY NOW" put a product into a cart. I proceed to "Payment", entering my credit card number, and displayed shipping information. The system recognized I accessed from Japan so that it appeared "JAPAN" in a "country" text box. I expected this means Japan is their area to send the product.

Does the shop exist in fact?

Still I am afraid this site might be fraudulent site. In Japan, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions regulates e-commerce shop has to describe its address and phone number etc. clearly, how about in US? They have states law, Federal Laws with some difference, not integrated. 
Their location on Google Map....

Anxiety about Payment
Finally I faced to enter credit card information. Entering, click "send" with encryption. A confirmation screen appeared and said "must print". A few minutes later, I received email to confirm ordering.

When will be shipped?
I found a red text message on a screen.
Currently experiencing shipping delays... 
Whao!!? not good feeling.
I became nervous again.

Feel relief a little 
Delivery announcing email arrived next day. I felt a relief a little.
FEDEX provides tracking system consumer could know where is your products and what is a status. The product was delivered from Charleston and arrived at Memphis to Tokyo. 

The final gate will be clearing customs.